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Unveiling of basking shark mosaic: artist's 'love letter' to the Isle of Man

Wed, 09 Aug 2023

A stunning new mosaic, depicting the majestic basking shark, crafted by Manx artist Kimmy McHarrie, was unveiled this week. This beautiful piece of art, located at Ronaldsway Airport, pays homage to the rich marine heritage of the Isle of Man and its waters and was made possible by a 40th Anniversary grant from Culture Vannin.

The basking shark, a gentle giant often sighted in Manx waters, has long captured the imagination of locals and tourists alike. With her distinctive artistic flair utilising Venetian glass and Pooil Vaaish stone, Kimmy has captured the essence of this iconic creature in a shimmering mosaic masterpiece that encapsulates its beauty and significance.

Kimmy said, “Culture Vannin made it possible for me to realise such an ambitious project and see it to fruition, I am so glad I applied for the grant.”

A short film about the project is available to watch here.