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Recalling Aeglagh Vannin

Fri, 20 Apr 2018

Culture Vannin would like to contact people who were members of the Manx youth organisation, Aeglagh Vannin, or have had any connection with it, to find out more about its history and development.

Aeglagh Vannin was founded 1st August 1931 and ran right up until the late 1970s. Its aim was to promote all things Manx, including the Island's nature and landscape as well as folklore, history, music, song, dance and the Manx language.

The organisation’s telling motto was created by its founder, Mona Douglas: ‘Paitchyn jiu, ashoon mairagh’ (‘Children today, a nation tomorrow’). Some of the former members of Aeglagh Vannin have gone on to play important roles in Manx culture today.

However, not enough is known about the organisation, how it was organised and what went on at its sessions.

If you were a member at any time – even for a short time – Culture Vannin would like to hear about your experience. It is hoped that as many members as possible will take a little time to tell us about it. Some ideas have been jotted down to help guide you or jog some memories.

Any information will be gratefully received in whatever way people feel is most appropriate to themselves. Memories or thoughts about one or any of the areas suggested will be useful, but there is no need to keep to just the points mentioned.

Culture Vannin would also like your permission to copy any photographs or memorabilia you might have in order to record more of the organisation's history.

Perhaps you yourself were not a member, but another family member was – parent, even grandparent – and there may be some family stories, photographs or memorabilia you would like to share.

Anyone with any information is invited to get in touch with Culture Vannin in St John's in the first instance, to let us know the best way to contact you.

You can contact Culture Vannin on:

Telephone, 01624 676169
E-mail: resources@culturevannin.im
Post: Aeglagh Vannin Project, Culture Vannin, Fairfield House, Main Road, St John’s, IM4 3NA.