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Putting trust and hope into Manx culture - first #treisht2020 projects announced

Wed, 13 May 2020

The first round of #treisht2020 projects has been awarded by Culture Vannin. Re-purposing grant and development money from cancelled events and projects, creative and cultural projects were designed to appeal primarily to freelancers who needed the work, which the option for original ideas to be proposed.

Board member, Dr Catriona Mackie, commented: “We were delighted to see such a range of brilliant ideas coming in – everything from photography and original artwork to online music tutorials and a wonderful community project based on 3 legs mosaics.”

A total of 16 projects have been confirmed, including Phil Kneen’s stunning photographs which ‘capture the absences’ due to public health measures of social distancing.

Musicians and singers Peddyr Cubberley, Phil Gawne, Ruth Keggin, David Kilgallon and Rory Murphy were all successful, and will create online tutorials and electronic backing tracks which will be shared freely online and which will benefit learners of all ages on the Island and around the world.

Artists and photographers Valerie Caine, Matthew Clayton, John Davis, Beth Louella, Juan Moore, Graham Rider and Milen Stankov will create and capture images relating to the Manx language and Manx culture more generally. Community arts specialist, Debra Tracey, has created Three Legs of Man mosaic kits which can be enjoyed in their own right or returned when complete to become a new community artwork – find out more from her Isle Be Creative page on Facebook.

Film-makers and sound-engineers Dark Avenue Film and Felipe Kowalczuk will produce a sound library documenting an Island farm and a short film using previously recorded footage cut to a new music track.

Director of Culture Vannin, Dr Breesha Maddrell, said: “The reaction from freelancers was amazing and immediate – they were delighted to have positive paid work at a time when much of their scheduled work was cancelled or uncertain. We have such amazing talent all around us, and board members and officers felt and feel a sense of responsibility to support and promote Manx culture wherever and whenever we can. Creating small but meaningful projects is a way to make sure that everyone benefits, from the freelancers themselves to the general public, who will be able to enjoy the new work online.” The beauty of the #treisht2020 projects is that they are all able to be completed within a two month period and will then be shared online with free access soon after their completion.

We will announce the second round of #treisht2020 projects in coming weeks – keep your eyes on the Culture Vannin website and social media pages to find out more.

[ treisht means trust, hope and confidence in Manx ]