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October Manx music & dance newsletter

Fri, 29 Sep 2023

The latest edition of the KMJ newsletter of Manx music & dance is now online:

KMJ October 2023

This month's edition includes...

News: New album from Scran & test your knowledge in the Great Manx Hop tu Naa quiz!

Pictures: Rachel Hair gives talk and Manx music harp workshop in Colorado, & there was singing and dancing at Yn Cheshaght Ghailckagh's Autumn Fair

Upcoming Events: The 17th Big Bree Workshop Weekend

Music: Mark Lawrence on guitar and 30 years of Ny Fennee on film

Research News: W.H. Gill gifts book to Hall Caine and Harry Wood's Cavalcade of Music

Transcription of the Month: 'Quoi shid hoal er kione y choyrd aym?' A new Hop tu naa song to try out!

Calendar of events

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