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Dates & locations for the White Boys, 2022

Wed, 30 Nov 2022

The locations and times for the White Boys in 2022:

Saturday 17 December 2022

10am Kirk Michael, outside Cannan Court (Peel White Boys)
10am Port St. Mary, by the Coop (Southern White Boys)
10.30am Port Erin, by the Railway Station (Southern White Boys)
11am Ramsey, outside the Courthouse (Peel White Boys)
11am Castletown Square (Southern White Boys)
12pm Douglas, Noa Bakehouse (Southern White Boys)
1pm Douglas, Strand Centre (Southern White Boys)
1.30pm Douglas, Noa Bakehouse (Southern White Boys)
2pm Peel, Michael Street (Peel White Boys)
3pm Douglas, Regent Street (Southern White Boys)
5pm Peel, the Dog's Nollick, East Quay (Peel White Boys)

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