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The traditional Manx fireplace was at the heart of the Manx home, both physically and socially.

The styles of chiollagh vary across the Isle of Man but perhaps the most impressive are the ones of the Ronague area, thanks to their amazing materials and workmanship.
Close to Ronague is Rollage ny Twoaie, a house being painstakingly pulled back from its ruined state to make a new family home.
At the centre of the build is, probably, the first new traditional Manx chiollagh to be built in the past 100 years.

The story of the chiollagh at Rollage ny Twoaie, close to Lhingague and the Sloc, is explained by David Kinley of the Stone and Lime Company.
Filmed in September 2023, with thanks to Katie, Mark, Will & Pippa of Rollage ny Twoaie.
Music by Scran, from the album 'Jees.'