taking our culture forward

The second album by one of the most exciting young bands in the Isle of Man today, composed of some of the most talented young traditional musicians in the Island.

Information about the CD version of this album is available here. The digital version can be purchased below.



Scran consists of some of the most talented young traditional musicians in the Isle of Man.
Organised by Culture Vannin and led by Paul Rogers and David Kilgallon, Scran is an extension of the Manx music youth movement, Bree. Its aim is to develop group-work skills and provide performance and recording opportunities for talented musicians from the Island’s secondary schools.

Ayns Scran ta ry-gheddyn paart jeh ny cloiederyn aegey s’aghtal jeh kiaull tradishoonagh ayns Mannin.
Va’n possan currit er bun liorish Culture Vannin as t’eh er ny leeideil liorish Paul Rogers as David Kilgallon. Myr possan t’er n’aase magh ass Bree yn ghleashaght chiaull son sleih aegey, ta Scran ayn dy chooney lesh cloiederyn jannoo ny share ny schleiyn oc myr olteynyn jeh possanyn as dy chur caaghyn da fir-chiaullee aghtal voish ard-schoillyn yn Ellan dy yannoo recortyssyn as dy chloie kiaull bio.

Arabella Ayen (harp)
Frank Joughin (fiddle)
Jack Mclean (piano accordion)
Kinley Clugston (mandolin)
Lucy Gilmore (harp)
Lukas Hayhurst (mandolin & fiddle)
Maeve Callister (fiddle & voice)
Niamh Milsom (fiddle)
Paul Rogers (acoustic guitar)
Roo Hyett (whistle)

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Gyp Buggane, Ballagroove Studio
Cover design by William Morris
Cover layout by David Kilgallon
Sleeve notes by Paul Rogers
All tracks arranged by Paul Rogers and Scran
Produced by Culture Vannin, 2023