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1627 John Crosse, Knockaloe, Captain and Warden of the Day Watch
  Henry Radcliffe, Warden of the Night Watch
1644 Samsbury Radcliffe, Gordon
1731 (died) Sylvester Radcliffe, Knockaloe
1733 (died) Charles Radcliffe, Knockaloe
1777 (died) Thomas Radcliffe, Knockaloe
1792 (died) Caesar Parr, his nephew
1822 John Gelling, Ballacosnahan
1832 Philip Moore, Ballamoore
1838 Richard Quirk, Raby Mooar, JP, MHK before 1867
1892 Robert Corrin, Peel, JP, MHK 1870-76
1899 Colonel William James Anderson, Ballacosnahan (see Michael list)
1909 Richard Barton Quirk, Raby, JP, MHK 1908-10, MLC 1919-42, son of Richard Quirk
1942 Thomas Arthur Quayle, St John’s, MHK 1931-46
1964 George Henry Watterson Moore, Raggatt, MHK 1942-51, 1956-58, MLC 1958-63
1974 Arthur Charles Quirk, Raby, son of R B Quirk
1986 William Kelly Quirk, Ballachrink, MHK 1976-87, MLC 1987-93
1994 Mrs Margaret Quirk, Ballachrink, widow of W K Quirk
2010 Patricia Costain JP,   Dercia, Patrick