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1627 George Stanley, Captain
  John Cubbon, Warden of the Day Watch
  George Symen, Warden of the Night Watch
1644 Richard Stevenson, Balladoole
1781 (died) Thomas Tyldesley, Friary
1783 (died) Thomas Tyldesley, Friary, his son
1822 Matthew Dawson, Bellabbey
1865 Henry John Watterson, Colby, MHK 1867-74 and 1880-91
1894 William Baring Stevenson, Balladoole, MHK 1881-91
1905 William Augustus Stevenson, his son, Ballakeigan and Westhill, JP, MHK 1891‑97
1919 John Thomas Cooil, Ballagawne
1926 Surgeon-General Henry Wickham Stevenson, Balladoole, CSI, JP, son of W B Stevenson
1945 Arthur Collister, Castletown, JP
1963 Sir Ralph Clarmont Skrine Stevenson, Balladoole, GCMG, MLC 1955-70, son of H W Stevenson
1976 George Heywood Costain, JP, Colby
1998 Cecil Raymond Gawne, Cooill Faaie, Pooilvaaish