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1627 John Caine, Ballagawn, Captain and Warden of the Day Watch
  John Cannan, Warden of the Night Watch
1644 John Cannell, Ballacarnane
1662 William Caine, Ballagawne
- Thomas Cannell, Glenwillyn (died 1813)
1822 John Caine, Ballaskyr
1839 Evan Gell, White House, JP, MHK 1844-74
1887 Colonel William James Anderson, Cooley Lodge, JP, MHK 1881-86, MLC 1894-1909 (see Patrick list)
1899 John Quirk Cannell, Ballacarnane
1918 John Charles Cain, Ballaskyr
1933 Frank Herbert Crowe, Erinville, MHK 1942-56
1960 William Watterson Cannell, Berk, son of J Q Cannell
1970 John James Martin Cannell, Ballacarnane, his nephew