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A series of short music lessons by one of the Isle of Man's leading musicians and composers, Peddyr Cubberley, who teaches some traditional and modern Manx tunes on the whistle.

The sheet music for Ben Rein y Voaldyn is available to download here: Ben Rein y Voaldyn (PDF)

  • Ben Rein y Voaldyn (Tune only)

  • Smuggler's Lullaby (Lesson)

    The sheet music for Smuggler's Lullaby is available to download here: Smuggler's Lullaby (PDF)

  • Smuggler's Lullaby (Tune only)

  • Eunyssagh Vona (Lesson)

    The sheet music for Eunyssagh Vona is available to download here: Eunyssagh Vona (PDF)


  • Eunyssagh Vona (Tune only)

  • Nelson's Tonic (Lesson)

    The sheet music for Nelson's Tonic is available to download here: Nelson's Tonic (PDF)

  • Nelson's Tonic (Tune only - whistle)

  • Nelson's Tonic (Tune only - low whistle)

  • Nelson's Tonic (Tune only - flute)