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Manx style ploughing is unique to the Isle of Man and it can be enjoyed today at ploughing matches all over the Island.
This is a short film explaining what the Manx style involves and how to do it.

Told through conversations with some of the key people involved, including competitors, judges and spectators, this film attempts to not only offer a How To for Manx ploughing, but also a record of the wonderful Manx community to be met what a ploughing match in the Isle of Man.

Also filmed at the Shenharra Manx Style Championship were the following films:

  • The Fiddle

  • The lazy bed & the loy

  • How to judge of Manx style ploughing match

  • A conversation with Harold Leece

  • A conversation with Ronnie Fairbairn

  • Traaue yn Aght Manninagh