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The Manx Folk Awards (Aundyryn Kiaull-Theay Vannin) are an annual set of informal competitions in traditional Manx music, dance and performance.

Organised by Department of Education, Sport and Culture, and Culture Vannin, the Manx Folk Awards are held the last week before the Easter holidays at a number of venues including the Douglas Youth Arts Centre, Trinity Church and the Methodist Hall, St. John's.

Please note that we have featured all performances for whom there is video footage available.

  • Andy & Jenni's

  • Garey Ford

  • Skerrisdale

  • Kiaull as Craic

  • Andy & jenni's

  • Stars

  • Arrane Ghelby

  • Arrane ny Guilley Hesheree

  • Sheena's Waltz

  • Car y Phoosee

  • Arrane y Chlean

  • Mylecharaine's March

  • Hit The Road

  • Bree: The Ballad of Arthur Caley

  • Bree: The Laxey Wheel (the 2022 version)

  • Arrane y Voirrey

  • Mylecharaine's March

  • Tune for Grandad

  • Three Little Boats

  • Bree: Flitter Dance

  • Bree: Car ny Ferrishyn

  • Castle Rushen High School Folk Group: Arrane Ben Vlieaun, Yn Mheillea & The Black and the Grey

  • Chanter'sTune, Hie mee Stiagh & Eunyssagh Vona

  • "I've never felt like I’ve had much of a home"

  • Yn Moddey Doo

  • Yn Moddey Doo

  • Arrane Ben Vlieaun

  • Step dance

  • Arrane Ashoonagh dy Vannin