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The Manx Folk Awards (Aundyryn Kiaull-Theay Vannin) are an annual set of informal competitions in traditional Manx music, dance and performance.

Organised by Department of Education, Sport and Culture, and Culture Vannin, the Manx Folk Awards are held the last week before the Easter holidays at a number of venues including the Douglas Youth Arts Centre, Trinity Church and the Methodist Hall, St. John's.

Please note that we have featured all performances for whom there is video footage available.

  • Padjey Columb Killey

  • She lhong honnick mee

  • Cur dty vainney

  • The King of the Sea

  • Ellan Vannin

  • The Laxey Wheel

  • Padjer Columb Killey

  • The Ellan Vannin Tragedy

  • Padjer Columb Killey

  • Bee er dty hwoaie (original composition)

  • Arbory School: Illiam y Thalhear

  • Illiam y Thalhear (just for fun!)

  • Arbory School: Arrane Queeyl Nieuee

  • Arbory School: The Sea Invocation

  • Scoill Phurt Le Moirrey: Spinning Wheel Song

  • Scoill Phurt Le Moirrey: The Sea Invocation

  • Bunscoill Ghaelgagh: She Lhong Honnick Mee & Arrane Queeyl Nieuee

  • St Mary's School: Y Ghraih my Chree

  • St Mary's Choir: Arrane Queeyl Nieuee

  • Perree Bane Beg: Daunse y Moain

  • Skeddan Jiarg: Shooyl Inneenyn

  • Skeddan Jiarg: Eunyssagh Vona

  • Stiagh as Magh (an original Manx dance)

  • Kiare Corneilyn (an original Manx dance)

  • Arbory School (an original Manx dance)

  • Perree Bane Beg balanced programme

  • Skeddan Jiarg: Hooin Rooin