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The Manx Folk Awards (Aundyryn Kiaull-Theay Vannin) are an annual set of informal competitions in traditional Manx music, dance and performance.
Organised by Department of Education and Children, Culture Vannin and Manx National Heritage, the Manx Folk Awards are held the last week before the Easter holidays at the Douglas Youth Arts Centre and Trinity Church.
In 2017 we were delighted that Ron Corkish captured many of the performances on video, which enables us to edit and release these films here.
Please note that we have featured all winners for whom there is video footage available. We have separately outputted a number of the winners from each day, from those whose full recording is available.
The syllabus for the 2018 Manx Folk Awards is now available and all schools or independent children are encouraged to take part:


Highlights from the four days of the Manx Folk Awards in 2017 follow (this selection is made of all the prize-winners for whom film footage is available):

The following are a selection of winning performances for which full recordings are available: