taking our culture forward

An art/music/film journey imagining what a better future might look like.

A combination of cut-up interviews with the public carried out during Covid19 Lockdown, layered with visuals of artists creating works inspired by these voice collages, accompanied by newly-composed piano pieces complementing the themes and ideas of each of the 12 parts.
Together they create a mesmerising experience which transports us into new spaces of thought and seeing.

Created by Sarah Mercer, the idea started at the beginning of 2020, with interviews with people from all walks of life, re-imagining what they thought an ideal future for the Isle of Man might look like. Over lockdown these took new life and they were cut up into themed sound collages which were then given out to twelve of the most exciting artists in the Isle of Man today. They each made a piece of art reflecting on the words and created a short film of their process.
Over the top of this has been added new themed compositions by Matthew Warren, especially created for this collaboration, interweaving traditional Manx music with other subtle links, perfectly augmenting the mood of the other elements of the film.
The result is an experience unlike anything else you will ever likely have seen...

Artists featured:
Karolina Pawlowska; Hannah Radcliffe; Rebecca Odessa; Will Morris; Daniel Price; Bethany White; Ellie Baker; Anna Clucas; Betty Laurincova; Collette Davies; Billy Redgrave; Janet Lees

Music by Matthew Warren
Additional music by Scott Buckley, Andy Virgil North & Glastyn

This film was produced by Sarah Mercer / Culture Vannin in 2020 and premiered to a sold-out Erin Arts Centre in September 2020.


Below are the individual sections of the complete film.

  • Community | Karolina Pawlowska

  • Lifestyle | Hannah Radcliffe

  • Technology | Rebecca Odessa

  • Education | Will Morris

  • Nature | Daniel Price

  • Food | Bethany White

  • Nature | Ellie Baker

  • Culture | Anna Clucas

  • Equality | Betty Laurincova

  • Travel | Collette Davies

  • Government | Billy Redgrave

  • Change | Janet Lees