taking our culture forward

English is not the only language of the Isle of Man; there's also Manx... and Swedish, and German, and Spanish, and Italian...

People are sometimes surprised to hear Culture Vannin speak about "Manx culture", because we believe strongly in the value of the Isle of Man's culture and identity, but we do not at all feel that this needs to exclude anyone, ever!

"It doesn't matter whether you're from Port Erin, Portsmouth or Port Elizabeth" said our Manx Language Development Officer recently in an BBC Alba interview, "Manx culture should be for everyone."

This was why we created this (perhaps unexpected) video to accompany Adrian Cain's introduction to the Celtic Media Festival 2017 hosted in Douglas.
As well as for representatives from media outlets across the Celtic Nations, this video might also serve to remind ourselves of what a rich cultural environment we live in on the Isle of Man, and that this is something to be celebrated and enjoyed.