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The story of a startling and beautiful installation in the Manx landscape which celebrates UNESCO Biosphere Isle of Man.

The Conrhenny Shelter – Kemmyrk Choan Rhennee – creates a lasting impression on all who see and use it. Nestled within the Conrhenny Community Woodland up in the hills above Onchan, it has views out over Douglas Bay and beyond. Architect and designer of the shelter, Betty Laurincova, explains its background concept, and how different groups worked together to create this stunning installation.

The Conrhenny Shelter was developed as part of the National Development Strategy for Culture and the Arts, with Culture Vannin, Isle of Man Arts Council and the Department for Environment, Food and Agriculture working together.

Design: Betty Laurincova and Michal Kotvan.
Construction: Pioneer Carpentry and Construction.
Developed with the support of: Culture Vannin, Isle of Man Arts Council, DEFA.
Film: Brook Wassall for Culture Vannin.

More information about the shelter is available here: New Creative Shelter.


An extended interview with Betty Laurincova about the shelter is also available here: