taking our culture forward

An evening of original Manx drama and song presented by Caarjyn Cooijagh & Tholtan Theatricals, at Erin Arts Centre, Port Erin on 2 October 2021.

This unique event features the premiere of two original plays set in the mid-nineteenth century, along with music and writings from within the period and beyond. The event's title, 'At the Season's Edge,' was chosen to suggest a society on the edge of great change and uncertainty about the future, and in that way, very like our own.
The evening was in two halves. The audience is led through the first half by a narrator, meeting a few unusual characters, both real and fictional, on the way. We find out how Governor Loch may (or may not) have persuaded the Manx powers-that-be to meet the challenges ahead!
After the interview Tholtan Theatricals perform the one-act play, 'The In-Between Times,' in which, against the background of May Eve, the tensions between tradition and development are reflected in the relationships of a middle-class couple living in Douglas in the same period.


  • Mannin Veg Veen - Manx traditional, arranged by Annie Kissack, performed by Caarjyn Cooidjagh
  • Lament for the Days that are Past and Gone - by Edward Forbes, performed by Phil Gawne
  • Our Loch-y Charm - by Cori Philips, performed by Tholtan Theatricals (Ruth Keggin Gell, Juan Bridson, Becky Trainor, Cori Philips, Bill Corlett & Annie Kissack)
  • Mylecharaine - Manx trdaitional, arranged by Annie Kissack
  • Sneeu Wheeyl Sneeu - Manx traditional, arranged by Annie Kissack
  • The Melliah Boh! (extracts) - by George Quarrie, performed by Phil Gawne
  • The Isle of Man - by W. Somerville Barton and John London, performed by the Lockdown Lovelies (Greg Joughin, Phil Gawne & Bill Corlett)
  • Ellan Vannin - by Eliza Craven Green & J. Townsend, performed by Caarjyn Cooidjagh and cast
  • The In-Between Times - by Annie Kissack, performed by Tholtan Theatricals [script available here]

This recording was made with the kind permission of Annie Kissack, Tholtan Theatricals, Caarjyn Cooidjagh and the Erin Arts Centre.

Selected extracts from the full performance are below...

  • Mannin Veg Veen

  • Our Loch-y Charm

  • Sneeu Wheeyl Sneeu

  • The Melliah Boh!

  • The Isle of Man

  • The In-Between Times