taking our culture forward

"Arts, Culture and Creativity for Everyone..."

This short video was created to accompany the launch of the National Development Strategy for Culture and the Arts in the Isle of Man (in Manx; Strateysh Lhiasee Ashoonagh son cultoor as ellynyn ayns Mannin).

The strategy was developed by Culture Vannin and the Isle of Man Arts Council. It aims to:

  • Inspire people of all ages and backgrounds to enjoy our culture and the arts
  • Invest in the Island’s creative communities so that they are successful and sustainable
  • Promote our unique Manx culture and distinctiveness as central to the Island’s image, nationally and internationally
  • Champion the arts and culture as fundamental to our wellbeing and sense of place
  • Develop knowledge, skills and understanding within our creative and cultural industries
  • Inspire and enable people to explore new horizons through innovation, media and technology.

A PDF of the Strategy is available online here: http://www.culturevannin.im//media//PDF/Isle%20of%20Man%20Culture%20and%20Arts%20Strategy%202017.pdf