taking our culture forward

From fascists to herring girls - a walk around the streets of Peel with Albert Frost’s amazing stories of the city and its people stretching back to the 1930s.

A random selection of tales include:

  • Machine-gunning fascists on the promenade
  • Falling through a mortuary roof
  • Illegal betting shops
  • Cattle being driven through the streets
  • Gutters running red from the slaughter houses
  • After-hours RAF parties in the Marine
  • The stench of the herring girls
  • The true story of how the Bismarck was sunk…

Starting up on Tynwald Road and coming down to the Creg Malin, moving along the promenade to the harbour, and then up to Moore’s, we hear an astonishing collection of stories along the way.
This video tour offers a unique insight into the history of the people and places of Peel.

Filmed on 13 July 2022.