taking our culture forward

Stewart Bennett has been a central figure in Manx language circles and a key figure in Manx cultural causes and Manx cycling for decades.

Here Stewart speaks about his upbringing in Peel, some of the Manx characters he has known, Manx cycling since the 1970s and various subjects around Manx language and culture. In particular, Stewart speaks about his connection to and work with organisations such as Caarjyn ny Gaelgey, Yn Çheshaght Ghailckagh, the Celtic Congress and Mec Vannin. He recalls the changing attitudes towards Manx from the 1970s to today, the ground-breaking Manx language plays of Caarjyn ny Gaelgey, different Manx teaching methods (including a horrible experience with bad singing!) and other matters. His stories of Manx cycling involve his being pulled into it by Dot Tilbury, experimental bike building, the Ellan Vannin Cycling Club in the 1970s and more. He also speaks about the earliest days of Bock Yuan Fannee and the Manx dance revival of the 1970s, remarkable peculiarities of Peel Manx pronunciation and more.

He is here in conversation with Ruth Keggin Gell, recorded at his home in Peel on 9 May 2022.


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  • Stewart Bennett interviewed by Ruth Keggin Gell (9 May 2022)