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Stanley Quirk was born in the farm house at Cooilslieu in 1936 and has lived there all his life.  Cooilslieu is an isolated farm up the Mill Road in Greeba high on the slopes of Greeba Mountain surrounded by the land known as the ‘Twelve Shares’, the farm still uses water from a spring and didn’t have a telephone until 1979, Stanley’s experience of growing up is different to most.  In this interview Stanley talks to Keith of life at Cooilslieu, of the people and community of Greeba, of being the first in his family to drive and delivering eggs and butter to the people of Peel, of Greeba Sports, watching the TT and cycling races from Greeba Bridge and other highlights of the annual calendar.  Keith and Stanley were at St. John’s school together and share their memories of the past, a wonderful snapshot of a life growing up in the peaceful uplands of Greeba.


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  • Stanley Quirk & Keith Teare

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  • Empire Day at St. John's School, c. 1945