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A conversation with Roy Gelling about the many things he has seen and done during the past 90 years.

Some of the topics covered include: supplying Douglas with milk from their farm in Santon; internees from Metropole Camp helping at the farm, and watching a Wellington bomber crash during the Second World War; the farming way of life that led to his becoming the Island's ploughing champion in the 1960s; getting involved in snooker at the Port Soderick Hall, watching the Island's first snooker league start in around 1953, and going on to become the Island's champion in the 1960s; hosting "Hurricane" Higgins at his Billown home during the snooker star's visits to the Isle of Man; memories of the Fort Island Hotel during its heyday; and Castletown in the days before the bypass.


This interview was conducted by Ged Power as a part of Treisht2020.


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  • Interview with Roy Gelling