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Robert Cubbon was brought up at Derbyhaven where his father ran a butcher’s shop and latterly his mother a general store/sweet shop. Robert tells of an idyllic childhood at Derbyhaven which at this time was a small hamlet with its own post office, church and annual children’s party (where all school age children were treated to new shoes from a kind local benefactor). During the war years the family home was requisitioned by the RAF as ‘digs’ for trainee gunners stationed nearby, Robert remembers these men living with the family and also of joining in the parades of the men stationed in the also requisitioned Derbyhaven Hotel next door. Also stories of his Cubbon grandparents who farmed in Ronague and his maternal grandparents, the Moore family who tenanted Wallberry Farm and later, Ballamona Farm on Quines Hill. Memories of Douglas milk rounds, riding the butcher’s bike, being in the second intake at Castle Rushen High School in 1949, Douglas night life in the 1950’s and later returning to the Island after 23 years away to be on the teaching staff of the newly opened QEII High School in Peel.


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  • Interview with Robert Cubbon

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