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A conversation with Rob Farrer RBV about his life at the heart of metal detecting, field walking and archaeology on the Isle of Man over the past forty years.

The conversation covers Rob’s initial introduction to metal detecting by his father; his subsequent involvement in metal detecting, field walking and archaeological digs; some of his major finds, including a coin hoard and a Viking sword pommel; and his discovery of the archaeological landscape at Billown. Rob explores his interest in the possibility of an as yet unproved Roman presence on the Isle of Man, the Island’s former strategic importance and his current research interests and hopes for the future of Manx historical and archaeological research. His community involvement with the Leece Museum in Peel is also covered, as well as being awarded the prestigious RBV award for services to Manx culture. Rob’s experience of living with Parkinson’s Disease is also candidly discussed.

This interview with Rob Farrer RBV was made by Paul Quayle in October 2017.



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