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Keith Teare talks about Greeba, the community you could ‘drive through without knowing it was there’, where he was brought up on Kerrowgarrow Farm. Stories of life on the farm, local customs, mill days, the train line which ran through the middle of the farm, internee farm workers who saved Keith’s father from serious injury. Superstition attached to religious buildings, how the best heifer dying in strange circumstances was put down to re-using part of the St. John’s Chapel organ in the building of the cow shed. Local vagrants and how they were cared for, how mental health issues were dealt with before the NHS. Greeba Chapel, the Greeba Young Men’s Club and the monthly ‘Hop’. Keith’s reflections and fond memories of life in what is often thought of these days as a few houses alongside a busy road but what was then a thriving and bustling community.


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  • Interview with Keith Teare

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  • Empire Day at St. John's School, c. 1945