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Interview by Elizabeth Ardern-Corris with Castletown man John McGowan.

Topics discussed include: memories of Castletown with its shops and local characters; McGowan's early schooldays; rescuing a man from drowning; poverty in Castletown; religion; ballroom dancing and entertainment; working at the nautical museum and The Peggy boat and the Quayle family.


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More Photos

  • Mr McGowan by Castletown harbour, opposite the back of the Nautical Museum, 2012
  • Pupils outside the old Grammar School in Castletown. Date unknown
  • Mr John Gawne, who was involved in the rediscovery of the 'Peggy' and its restoration, sailing in Perwick bay on 26th September 1957
  • Looking directly over towards Bridge House by Castletown harbour, 2012.
  • The back of the Nautical Museum in 2012 showing the original blocked up entrance leading to the boat-cellar where the Peggy was kept
  • Photocopy of a photograph of the 'Rocket Brigade' comprising men of Castletown. Date unknown.
  • Some of the men who worked with Mr John Gawne in 1950 on the restoration of the 'Peggy' after it had been rediscovered. From left to right: Harry Harrison, John 'Buttons' Kelly, John Gawne and Bill 'Dingy' Bridson.
  • Attendants who used to work at the Nautical Museum in Castletown. From left to right: back row, Eric Teare and Keith Collister; front row, Mr John McGowan and Geoff Corrin. Date unknown.