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Elin was born in Ballasalla in 1937 to Mona (nee Harrison) and Joseph Murray, moving to Red Gap in Castletown when only two years old and then up to Ballaugh during the war years when her father (a manual worker in a factory) was working in Jurby. Elin was born with some health issues which meant a number of lengthy hospital stays as a child, catching diphtheria whilst in hospital also meant a long stay in isolation at White Hoe, she remembers any gifts that she had been given when in isolation having to be left behind when she went home but does however, have many happy memories of her time in Nobles and particularly of the kindness of the nurses.

On her return home, Elin didn’t have the easiest time, she had to wear an iron frame on her leg and some of the local children were unkind, the long stays in hospital also meant that she was behind at school, however, with the hard work of her mother, she caught up in time to attend Castle Rushen High School in the early years. Staying on at school until 16, Elin left and went to work in a sweet factory in Douglas, never eating the sweets herself after she witnessed cigarette ash being folded in to the toffee mix! She then worked at Rowles Cafe and a number of different industries, mostly in Castletown. Elin has wonderful stories of her working life in many small businesses that are long gone and also of her years growing up in a very different Castletown to the one we know today.


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  • Interview with Elin Murray