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A interview focussing on Doug Porter's time at RAF Jurby.

Doug Porter was born in Ramsey in 1938. After a period in Ashton-Under-Lyne to be close to his father's military posting, he did his schooling at Ramsey before coming to his national service. Despite his best efforts to avoid selection (since he wanted to receive a posting to a different area of the military), he ended up in the military police for the RAF. However, this ment that he was able to return to the Isle of Man, where he worked at RAF Jurby from 1960 until 1962.
Mr Porter goes into detail about his time at RAF Jurby, covering his duties, arrests he made, the guardroom and its cells, emergencies, disasters, and some of the many notable stories from his time at this lost piece of Manx military history.


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  • Doug Porter

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  • Doug Porter and others of the Military Police at RAF Jurby
  • Doug Porter during his time in the RAF police
  • Plan of the RAF Jurby guardroom
  • RAF Certificate of Service
  • Doug Porter in 2012