taking our culture forward

Now 94 years old, Donald Stoddart has seen some amazing changes in the parish of Maughold and beyond.

Born at Creg-ny-Molt, in Glen Mona, Maughold, on 5 May 1929, Donald recalls some of his memories, including:

  • Harvesting
  • Milk delivering
  • The arrival of electricity to the farm, in 1934
  • Father emigrating to cut ice in Canada
  • Lamping rabbits, or hunting them with a ferret
  • Shepherding in the hills of Maughold
  • Lankets, suggane and net-making
  • Fights
  • The Maughold Home Guard during WW2

This interview was conducted by Sue Woolley on 25th July 2023.


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  • Donald Stoddard interviewed by Sue Woolley (25 July 2023)