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Bill Cook - born in Hackney, London was a former Head of the Manx CID, the first Detective Inspector in the history of the Isle of Man Constabulary, a man associated with Manx cricket for almost 60 years as player and umpire, an Onchan footballer and a member of St John Ambulance for 49 years! He talks to David Callister about his memories and covers the following topics:

  • WWII memories
  • HMS St George and HMS Valkyrie
  • Manx CID and Isle of Man Constabulary
  • Enlisting underage and training
  • Charge of Absent Without Leave
  • Castletown Golf Links
  • Corporal and Sergeant in RAF Regiment
  • Teaching instructor for new recruits
  • Posting to Butlin’s Holiday Camp
  • VE Day [Victory in Europe Day]
  • Shooting at drogues at Ronaldsway Airport
  • Exhibition fights as a boxer
  • Isle of Man Police Cricket Team


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