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Mrs Betty Magee was borned and raised in Douglas. In this interview she talks to Elizabeth Ardern-Corris about a wide range of topics including:

Parents and grandparents; Early schooldays and teachers; Learning to play the piano; Taking part in The Guild; Working for her mother in a boarding house; WWII and rationing; Local butchers and bakers; Holidays in the winter months; Hair styles and fashions; Prisoner of war camps; Entertainment and cinemas; Working at the Town Hall; Courting and getting married


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More Photos

  • Mrs Betty Magee with a friend's son outside her house in 1943
  • Mrs Betty Magee's father and uncles
  • Mrs Betty Magee aged c.18 years of age
  • Mrs Magee with her husband Jim at a wedding in 1980
  • Mrs Magee's German sister in law Germaine Faragher in 1947
  • Mrs Betty Magee's father Tom Faragher in 1918
  • Mrs Betty Magee aged c.17 years of age
  • Winning a trophy
  • Mrs Betty Magee at her home in 2012