taking our culture forward

Young Manx people tell their stories of growing up in the Isle of Man as people of colour. Their stories range from primary pchool, through high school, and on into their adult lives. They all grew up and went through schooling in the late 1990s and 2000s, experiencing an Isle of Man which perhaps most Manx people will be totally unaware of. Through these interviews, we can see the realities of what the lives of people of colour are like in the Isle of Man today, from experiences of overt racism to ubiquitous expectations and subtle microaggressions which are encountered on a daily basis.

Interviewees - Haafizah Hoosen-Charles, Dominique Moran, Joel Padi, Elsa Wilkes and Catherine Reid.

Our thanks to POC IOM for organising and conducting these interviews.


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  • Haafizah Hoosen-Charles, Dominique Moran and Catherine Reid.

  • Joel Padi and Elsa Wilkes