taking our culture forward

An conversation with three women about their experiences of the Second World War in the Isle of Man.

Ella Cringle, Margaret Quine and Aileen Cowie discuss the following subjects:

  • Gas masks
  • Rationing
  • Bartering rather than paying for things
  • Evacuees from England living in the Isle of Man
  • Internment Camps and internees
  • The aftermath of Onchan Internment Camp, moving back into the family home formerly within the camp
  • Diet: pinjean, pig's head brawn, tripe etc.
  • Clothes and clothing
  • Illnesses, including chicken pox and small pox (resulting in a stay in the White Hoe isolation hospital)
  • Childhood games
  • The community of Santon and tourist industry of Port Grenaugh
  • Identity cards
  • Douglas Head entertainments


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