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A conversation with five members of Cliogaree Twoaie, about the Manx choir's 40-year history and some of their interesting experiences along the way.

Founded in 1983 as an impromptu choir to perform alongside Bock Yuan Fannee at a concert for visitors in Douglas, the group of friends enjoyed themselves enough to build on their success and more officially form the group. Upon entering the Manx Music, Speech & Dance Festival (the Guild), they found themselves in need of a name, and 'Cliogaree Twoaie' (Northern Croakers) was created.

After the 1986 Manx Heritage Year performance at the Festival of Folk Dance organised by Sleih gyn Thie in Port Erin, the group soon found themselves on the circuit of inter-Celtic festivals, with trips to Lorient, Lowender Peran in Cornwall, the Dublin Celtic Congress, Islay, the Isles of Scilly and elsewhere.

Clare Kilgallon RBV, Margaid Bird, Rosemary Speers, Kirsten Wafer & David Kilgallon share memories which span the entire period of the choir's history, touching on some of the following subjects: the founding of the group, rehearsals and Christmas performances, their choice to perform solely in Manx Gaelic, Ny Riftanyn, Mona Douglas and Colin Jerry, their repertoire and recordings, and their decision to disband after four decades, leaving a lasting legacy for those who follow.

More about the group is available here: Cliogaree Twoaie


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  • Interview with Margaid Bird, Kirsten Wafer, Clare Kilgallon RBV, Rosemary Speers & David Kilgallon (22 Nov 2023)

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