taking our culture forward

Benefactor Henry Bloom Noble lived in the Villa Marina Lodge in the latter part of his life until his death in 1903. The property and the surrounding grounds were left to his trustees. These were subsequently purchased by the Douglas Corporation who wished to create an entertainment complex on Douglas sea front. The Villa Marina Kursaal was completed and opened in 1913. The Manx Language Society strongly objected to the use of the German word ‘Kursaal’ in the Villa Marina’s name. They submitted some alternative Manx names to the Corporation, but these were turned down. Architects Percy Robinson and Allan Jones, from Leeds, designed the Villa Marina in an adapted classical style. The architects’ description of the building and grounds can be found in The Manx Quarterly, no. 13 Vol. II, 1913, a copy of which can be found online in the Manx Notebook. During 2004 and 2005 the Villa Marina was overhauled and extended to provide new and improved facilities. The interior was rearranged for conferences and a cinema was incorporated. Fountains and walkways were also restored.