taking our culture forward

This former Methodist chapel on Derby Road, Douglas, was designed by architect J. W. Firth of Oldham, and constructed in 1890 by Douglas-based builder William Kelly. This property was originally built for use by the Methodist New Connexion. In 1890, the Isle of Man Examiner described it as having been built in ‘a Gothic style’ from Glenfaba brick. It closed in 1914 and was subsequently sold to St Thomas's for use as church hall. It was the Red Cross Centre until 2008, when the building fell into disuse. In 2011 the building was purchased by the Manx Youth Band and today it enjoys use for brass band rehearsals five days a week as well as other regular groups who make use of the hall.

More information about the current use of the hall can be found on the Manx Youth Band website: www.manxyouthband.org