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Prior to 1833, the building we now know as The Quarterbridge Hotel was known as The Union. In 1839, after a change of management, it was subsequently named the Victorian Tavern. After the original structure was gutted by fire during the 1830s, it was replaced by part of the present building. During the reign of Queen Victoria, part of the building was extended and, under a succession of landlords, the property gained the name of The Quarterbridge Hotel. In an advert in Brown’s Directory 1882, Job Bates – the landlord at the time – gave a flattering description of the hotel followed by its situation: ‘There is a promenade and flower gardens, in which there is a very fine lily pond. Excellent trout fishing in the river which passes through the grounds.’ The Quarterbridge is one of the most famous landmarks of the TT races, and the hotel features in countless race photographs. In 1991 it became registered as a protected building because of its historic interest.