taking our culture forward

Should you decide to investigate what lies behind the gate opposite the Colby Chapel which proclaims Arbory 2000 you will find, beyond the trees, there is a stone circle not mentioned in any historical records.

This whole area was once an unremarkable unkempt treeless field before this date. It belonged to Arbory Commissioners.

Selwyn Rhys Morgan, an Arbory Commissioner at the time put forward an idea to develop the area into a communal space to be used for recreation or small events and drew up a tree planting scheme including a Stone Circle. It was to be a contemplative feature with seats in the grass area of the field where it was known that bats could be found at dusk to enhance the experience.

It has proved to be very successful and indeed is often assumed to have a historical significance way beyond its remit.

As you can see from the evidential photography supplied, this circle was actually made possible by David Craine Plant Hire who transported the stones from the quarry free of charge and helped to erect the stones with Mr Morgan on site.

Earystane Quarry supplied suitable stones and also gave them free of charge to the parish.

Selwyn's chosen tree saplings were provided and planted at cost to the commissioners by the then DOT.

Mr Morgan also supplied all of his knowledge of ancient stone circles and Druidic beliefs to make sure there was a Bard Stone in the Circle to signify that this was built with the right respect for an ancient religion and be just as viable for a Manx Bard to enjoy should they ever visit in the future.

Millennium Wood Project - Colby

Concept and Planning by Selwyn Rhys Morgan, Collby Commissioner

Stones from Earystane Quarry

Ground work and transport by David Craine Plant Hire

Text, information and photos by Margaret Claydon