taking our culture forward

In March 1873, Mr. Thomas Handley of the American Bowling Saloon, Broadway, applied for a license ‘for a new house which Dr Okell has built, which is to be called the Bowling Green Hotel, in Derby road’. The first advert for the hotel was published in the Isle of Man Times on 31st May 1873: ‘This first-class Hotel is now open, and is fitted up with every attraction. Excellent Billiard Table. Splendid Bowling Green, fifty yards square. Croquet lawn and Grass Billiards. Visitors will find first-class Accommodation at this hotel. Terms (coffee, room): 6s a day, inclusive.’ By July 1876 the Bowling Green Hotel was advertising ‘An Open Air Skating Rink, 120 feet by 40, with Plimpton Skates. Admission Free.’ Mona Daily Programme. Over the years, there have been many structural changes to the Bowling Green Hotel.