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A new choral piece by Aalin Clague and performed by Caarjyn Cooidjagh, created as a part of the #colmcille1500 celebration of the 1500th anniversary of the birth of St. Columba/Colmcille. Commissioned as a #treisht2020 project by Culture Vannin, ‘Y Folliaght’ is inspired by nature poetry attributed to Colmcille, with lyrics in Manx by Dr Marie Clague.

The lyrics begin:

S'eunysagh d'ou dy ve er cronk aalin
er baare carrick
dy voddym mennick fakin er yn ushtey kiune
Dy voddym fakin ny tonnyn trome
erskyn yn ushtey gial myr t'ad cantal
kiaull da nyn Ayr dy bea veayn
Delightful to me to be on an island hill,
on the crest of a rock,
that I might often watch the quiet sea.
That I might watch the heavy waves
above the bright water, as they chant
music to their Father everlastingly.

The sheet music for this piece is freely available here: Y Folliaght sheet music.