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The community Manx Gaelic choir, Un Choraa, performing a live set of unaccompanied Manx songs:

• Manannan Tilg eh Magh (composed by Aalin Clague)
• Juan y Jaggad Keear (traditional)
• Tar gys y Ghrian (composed by Aalin Clague)
• Hooin dys y Eeastagh, Yuan (composed by Aalin Clague to traditional words collection by Sophia Morrison)

Un Choraa is a community choir of children and adults, whose core is made up of parents and pupils of the Bunscoill Ghaelgagh, the Manx language medium school in St. John's. The choir's director is the renowned musician, composer and Manx speaker, Aalin Clague. All of the songs performed by the choir are either composed or arranged by Aalin.

This performance was given at the event, 'Kiaull as Caffee,' on 7 May 2022 at the Ebenezer Hall in Kirk Michael, organised by Yn Chruinnaght.