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A comprehensive overview and survey of the placenames of the Isle of Man by the author of the definitive seven-volume study, 'Placenames of the Isle of Man,' Professor George Broderick.

In this talk recorded in the 1990s Professor Broderick begins with a brief overview of the Scandinavian and Gaelic placenames, their differing natures and use, and their relative dating.
He then goes on to give an overview of the common Manx Gaelic names, giving their meanings and something of their origin, relevance to Manx history, land-use, ownership and life in the past, regional variations across the Island and beyond, and more.
This is a fascinating talk full of information and insights sure to be of interest to anyone Manx.

This is a recording from an unknown event held at Cregneash in c.1998.
It was made by Roy Kennaugh and it is released here with thanks to those involved or their families.


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