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Bree Session Tunes (mix and match Manx music!)


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A Manx music tune book with a difference by Chloe Woolley! Bree Session Tunes (Carryn Seshoon Vree) is a collection of over 80 Manx tunes presented in a mix and match format, so that countless combinations of tunes can be laid out in ready-made sets. Designed primarily for the Bree Manx music youth sessions, the spiral bound book is a handy music-case size. Each page of the A5 book is divided into three with a tune on each section. By flipping the sections, there are many possible combinations of sets using Manx airs, jigs and reels. Chords are provided on each tune and some have additional counter-melody parts. This unique tune book is a useful resource for anyone who plays in music sessions, and it is currently for sale directly from the Manx Music Development Team for £10 (plus £1 p&p).