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A Guide to the Folklore Sites of the Isle of Man


Where is the Cursed Stone of Destiny?

Which holy well offers a cure for baldness?

What terrifying creature lurks on Ramsey promenade?

This is a guide to over 400 sites around the Isle of Man and the traditional folklore to be found there.

Gathered from thousands of sources across hundreds of years of folklore collecting, ranging from medieval stories of vengeful saints through to ghostly figures still being seen today, this book offers a comprehensive guide to the breadth and variety of the traditional folklore of the Isle of Man.

This collection will transform not just our knowledge of Manx folklore but also our relationship to the Isle of Man itself.

This book is on sale from bookshops in the Isle of Man, including The Bridge Bookshop, The Book Company, and the Manx National Heritage shops, many of whom can arrange delivery outside of the Isle of Man.