taking our culture forward

The New Year is a time to visit friends and neighbours, celebrating the start of the year ahead and to share food and drink. But be sure that you make sure that the right sort of person is the first through your door, or else your luck will be amiss for the year ahead.

Like the 'First Footer' tradition in other parts of the British Isles, the Manx quaaltagh tradition is a custom that gives certain luck to some people, and bad luck to others. But even when you have the right person, make sure that you treat them to food and drink, and hopefully they will come with their own gift to you.

Perhaps, if you are really lucky, they might even be able to recite for you the quaaltagh blessing on you and the household...

Shoh slaynt as shee as eash dy vea,
As maynrys son dy bragh.

Here's health and peace and age of life,
And happiness for ever.


  • The Quaaltagh in Peel in the 1930s & 40s