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Laa Columb Killey (St. Columba's Day) is celebrated by a fair in Ballabeg each year, but as far back as the 1550s the day before was one of the most important days for Manx hill farmers.

Oie'll Columb Killey (St. Columba's Eve), 8 June, saw the Lord's Forester ascend the Island's highest mountain to sound his horn three times. This symbolic point in the Manx calendar marked a key time in the annual cycle of the Manx uplands, and a day on which you would want to ensure that all your sheep were shorn, safe and accounted for...



  • The Lord's Forester

  • Laa Columb Killey "Beg"

  • Y Folliaght

  • 'Padjer Colum Killey' performed by Caarjyn Cooidjagh

  • 'Padjer Colum Killey' performed by Marlene Hendy & Dilys Sowrey