taking our culture forward

Recordings from 1995 of Yn Chruinnaght, a festival celebrating the music, dance & culture of the Celtic Nations.

Recorded by John Dowling, and featuring the following performers:

  • Perree Bane, Ny Fennee, Bock Yuan Fennee, Bwoaie Doal, Cair Vie Pipe Band & the Tholtan Builders (Isle of Man)
  • Cam Kernewek (Cornwall)
  • Lleisiau’r Frogwy & Dawnswyr Môn (Wales)
  • The Strathspey Fiddlers (Scotland)
  • Kerlenn Pondi (Brittany)
  • McTeggart School of Irish Dancing (Ireland)
  • Yn Sleih Shen Reesht (England)

This recording is released with thanks to John Dowling and Yn Chruinnaght.

  • Bwoaie Doal (complete recording)

  • Ny Fennee (complete recording)

  • Perree Bane (complete recording)

  • Survivor's Ceili (complete recording)

  • Full highlights (7 minutes)