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The Isle of Man#'s National Anthem was composed in 1907 by a person very important to the music of the Isle of Man; W. H. Gill.

Gill produced some of the most popular and important publications of Manx music ever to be produced, showing the extensive work he and others did at that time to collect the traditional music of the Isle of Man. Many of the songs from books like the 'Manx National Songbook' became enormously popular, particularly ones like 'Manx Wedding,' 'Ramsey Town' & 'Pride of Purt le Murra.' However, it was his 'Manx National Anthem' of 1907, an adaptation of an ancient traditional Manx tune, for which he is best-known today.

In this short film Bob Carswell RBV tells us something about W. H. Gill and the piece, followed by a short performance of the piece by Jack McClean of Scran.